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Nina's Before and After.

Beautiful bride-to-be ready for her engagement photo shoot! She was looking for a slightly more dramatic look than her normal everyday wear. 

Mother of the bride at her in-studio consultation! She wanted to enhance her eyes.  

Bridesmaid ready to celebrate! She wanted a smokey eye, but with neutral colors. 

Another happy bridesmaid! She wasn't used to wearing a lot of makeup so she didn't want to look too "made up". 

Happy bride on her wedding day! My goal is to enhance natural beauty so I used a lot of coppers to bring out her blue eyes.

Another beautiful bride! She has darker features, so I played on that and used some smokey plums and greys.

Mother of the groom, ready for her son's big day! She also typically doesn't wear a lot of makeup so she wanted to make sure she looked more natural and not too "made up".

Bride-to-be at her in studio consultation! I used warm tones on her hazel eyes!